Small Lisp for Linux
This site contains the Linux distribution of the Small Lisp implementation by Robert D. Cameron and Anthony H. Dixon at Simon Fraser University. Originally binaries were only available for MSDOS, so I took the Modula-3 code and compiled it with some small changes on my Linux box with the PM3 compiler. The primary Small Lisp website is located at At this location you will find the main documents and references.

Furthermore, at this site you can take a look at the Modula-3 and Pascal source code. Initially, I tried to port the Pascal code to C, and then compile it under Linux. This wasn't an easy task, and after getting stuck, I decided to use the Modula-3 code instead. One of the consequences is that for running the dynamically linked executables you require the libm3 libraries. They occupy space---on the other hand, once they are installed you can execute any Modula-3 binary compiled with PM3.

Here are some interesting links and some of the different components of the Linux package. You may want to check out the documentation first, and then download all files as a bzipped tarball. For installation run the included install script as root user.

The file Small Lisp Website.

The fileSmall Lisp Reference Manual (PDF format) from Robert Cameron's website gives a brief overview of the grammar of the language, the interpreter command, and how to tweak some of the configuration options.

The file Symbolic Computation with Lisp, the textbook on Small Lisp by Robert D. Cameron and Anthony H. Dixon. Unfortunately out of print, but you can still find used copies for sale.

The fileREADME file of the Linux distribution gives information in plain ASCII text.

The UNIX file man page in PDF format.

The bzipped image file smlisp-bin-i386-linux.tar.bz2 contains the full package.

A syntax highlighting file file smlisp.vim for the ubiquitous Vim editor.

Small Lisp was principally authored by Robert D. Cameron and Anthony H. Dixon. Please send suggestions and other contributions regarding the Linux distribution to Michael M. Tung.
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