4. Assessment



  Choose ONE of the following options:

IDevice Icon Option 1
On November 25 2010 we celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Design a campaign to stop violence against women. Make up a digital story.

IDevice Icon Option 2

Bearing in mind what seen in the lesson plan, hold a debate on the opposing statements:

‘We believe that gender inequality is a natural consequence of biological differences and will always exist'.

‘We believe gender inequality is rooted in attitudes, society and culture and with effort can be eliminated.

IDevice Icon Option 3
Select one of the factors to research (e.g. health; literacy and education; poverty and economic power, legislation that discriminates against women) and report back on. Try to answer the following questions:

1.    How does this inequality affect women’s lives?
2.    How is it similar or different across the world?
3.    How might each inequality be eradicated?
4.    Why is violence against women legitimised in some countries? Give examples.

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