A Touch of the Universe

“A Touch of The Universe” is a non-profit project for a tactile astronomy kit addressed to children with vision impairments. The first 30 kits were sent to educators and teachers in underdeveloped countries in Americas, Asia and Africa. We are currently working on an extension of the project, "A Touch of Venus" that includes a 3D tactile Venus globe along with an activity book and video tutorials.

After developing and testing different different tactile astronomy educational materials we decided to put them together in a kit. Initially we produced 30 kits for “A Touch of The Universe” under the framework of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL). They were distributed among educators in underdeveloped countries of the Americas, Asia and Africa. Now the kit is growing with more tactile materials being developed in our new project "A Touch of Venus". Our goal is to help children and young adults in these countries to learn about astronomy, even if they are visually impaired. Our mission is to alleviate the lack of inclusive educational materials in these regions.