Main scientific achievements

  • Numerical relativistic hydrodynamics (RHD):
    • Methodology (Aloy et al. 1999a)
    • Applications to relativistic outflows in AGNs (Aloy et al. 1999a, 2000a, 2003) and progenitors of GRBs (Aloy et al. 2000b, 2005; Mizuta & Aloy 2009).
  • Numerical relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (RMHD):
    • Methodology (Anton et al. 2010)
    • Applications to AGNs (Leismann et al. 2005).
    • Key to quantify the relevance of the magnetic field in magnetized afterglow ejecta (Giannios, Mimica & Aloy 2008; Mimica, Giannios & Aloy 2009).
  • Coupling of R(M)HD codes to numerical modules that compute synchrotron emission of magnetized plasma (Mimica et al. 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009). Key to compare numerical (RMHD) models with actual observations.
  • Stellar core collapse (Obergaulinger et al. 2006a,b, 2009a)
  • Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities in mergers of neutron stars (Obergaulinger et al. 2009b).
  • Exploration of intrinsically relativistic effects in RHD and RMHD (Aloy & Rezzolla 2006; Aloy & Mimica 2008).
  • Although I keep collaborating with my Ph.D. supervisors (Ibáñez, Martí) in the development of numerical algorithms for R(M)HD, I have developed my own research lines (progenitors of GRBs, GRB afterglows) and keep independent international collaborations (Janka, Giannios, Mizuta, Rezzolla).
    • Peer-review publications directly related to the Ph.D.: 5
    • Peer-review publications not-directly related to the Ph.D.: 30
    • Participation in 23 research projects (2 as PI).
  • Member of the Spanish Supercomputing Network: uninterrupted computing time since 2007 (more than 3x106 h) on a peer-review basis.

Supervision of students/technicians:

  • 6 Ph.D. students (Leismann, Mimica, Obergaulinger, DeBrye, Rueda, Miranda)
  • 4 Master Thesis studens (Obergaulinger, Scheck, Birkl, Cuesta).
  • 1 Master student (Torres-Taño)
  • 3 gradudate/undergraduate students (Suárez, Ferrand, Ariño)
  • 2 software engineers (code optimization, scientific visualization)

Projects as P. I. or Coordinator