CoCoNuT Meeting 2017

Max-Plank-Institut für Astrophysik (Garching, Germany), October 25-27, 2017

Organizers contact:

Michael Gabler:

Social events:

Dinner on Thursday: at 19:00 we are having dinner at the restaurant Andechser am Dom in Munich, near Marienplatz.

Dinner on Wednesday: at 20:00 we are having dinner at the restaurant Moti Mahal in Garching, next to the u-bahn station.

Internet connection:

Eduroam is available at the institute. If you do not have an eduroam account please contact the organizers to arrange specific wifi access for you.

How to reach the MPA

Garching is located next to Munich. Travel directions can be found here .


The MPA is located at about 25'' from the city center by metro (line U6). Here we provide a list of Hotels at Garching (1 stop away) and Garching-Hochbrück (2 stops away). Unfortunately, there is a high demand of hotel rooms during this week and we recommend to book a room as soon as possible. We have pre-booked a limited number of rooms at the Garni Maria (October 24.-27.) and Hoyacker Hof (October 25.-27., for the night from October 24.-25. we have rooms only at the waiting list) and Hotels in Garching from. If you wish to make a reservation in one of these two hotels please mention it in when registering to the meeting, indicating arrival and departure dates.

Alternatively, those of you prefering to stay in Munich we recommend to search for hotels along the U6 line.

Hotels in Garching

Hotels at the metro station Garching-Hochbrück:


The CoCoNuT meeting is a family friendly meeting. For those of you attending the meeting with children we can arrange a day nanny if needed (about 10 eur/hour). There is also an office available at the disposal of those of you with small children. For more information please contact the organizers.