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Basic guidelines to prevent COVID-19

  1. Before coming to the UV, find out about the organisation, the location and the schedule of your face-to-face classes. Make sure you are allowed to attend each of them.
  2. Stay at home if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, you have been diagnosed with the disease or if you are self-quarantining because you have been in contact with infected cases. 
  3. If you are diagnosed with the disease and you have been to the UV facilities during the previous 48 hours to the onset of symptoms or the confirmation of the diagnosis, please inform immediately of it via email and call the telephone number or email the address that appear in your centre's website. 
  4. Observe the basic COVID-19 protective measures to avoid the disease transmission: wash your hands, wear a mask and maintain at least 1.5-metre distance between yourself and others. 
  5. Come to the centre wearing your own mask. Otherwise, you will not gain access to the UV facilities. Wearing a mask is compulsory irrespective of whether maintaining the recommended interpersonal distance. 
  6. Spend the less time possible in the UV facilities. 
  7. Do not remain in the corridors and other common areas. You have to make it easier for your classmates and professors to gain access to the classrooms while maintaining the recommended interpersonal distance. 
  8. During breaks, remain outdoors or in the spaces prepared for that purpose. 
  9. Do not attend to the secretary's office or departments of the centres unless you have an appointment or you have been told to do it. Your centre will make it easier for you to make your queries and paperwork via online. 
  10. At the UV, restrict the number of social contacts to your closest classmates.
  11. When leaving the UV, continue complying with the protective and preventive measures. Keep in mind that you have to come back, and healthy.