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  • What are the basic preventive measures with which I have to comply in the facilities of the Universitat de València (UV)?

    In the UV, you should respect the general measures to prevent the transmission of the disease: hand hygiene, use of masks as much as possible and maintain the safety recommended distance fo one and a half meters between people.

    In addition, if prescribed by your doctor, you should stay at home.

    We recommend that you check the Conselleria (Regional department) section of this website, on action in cases of contagion or quarantine, for information on these situations.

  • How were the preventive measures organised in view of the COVID-19 during this period?

    Before starting the 2021-2022 course and under recommendation of the health authorities, the UV implemented preventive measures in view of the COVID-19 in coordination with all the 5 public Valencian universities. The following measures were highlighted:

    • Space, circulation and furniture reorganisation in order to ensure the recommended safe distance in common spaces.
    • Capacity limitation in classrooms, meeting rooms, assembly halls, toilets and elevators.
    • Protective screens setup in public attention posts.
    • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers placement in building entrances and in frequently visited spaces.
    • Inspection and adaptation of ventilation systems in order to minimise the interior air recirculation and to ensure a renewal by means of natural and/or mechanical ventilation, following the recommendations of the health authorities.
    • Increase of cleaning and disinfection services.
    • Increase of information and access control services.
    • Priorisation of telematic and phone assistance.
    • CO2 monitoring in classrooms to allow follow-up and assessment of ventilation measures.
  • Is the use of face masks mandatory at all time for UV staff?

    It is highly recommended that you wear a mask in the University's indoor common areas, especially if ventilation is inadequate, if you cannot keep a safe distance or if you are a vulnerable person or in the presence of vulnerable people. The mask will be provided in the areas that have been determined by those responsible for the different structures of the UV.

    In outdoor areas, it is also advisable to wear a mask when it is not possible to maintain the recommended interpersonal distance or when you are a vulnerable person or in the presence of one (or several) of them.

  • I’m a high-risk individual for COVID-19, do I have to take special measures?

    If you are a person belonging to the vulnerable groups* in relation to COVID-19 and you have doubts about the specific protection measures, contact the Covid responsible of your centre, who will pass the query to the Health and Safety and the Environment Service, if this person considers it appropriate. In general, hand hygiene measures, safety distance and the use FFP2 masks are very effective.

    *People over 60 years of age, pregnant women and immunocompromised people in general.

  • Are all of the university facilities open? Can I move around the UV normally?

    The UV starts the 2021-2022 course in a highly advanced vaccination and pandemic control scenario with a full staff incorporation to on-site work. Furthermore, you’ll be able to use the services and partake in the usual activities (lifelong learning, libraries, sport activities, cultural activities, etc.) by complying with the protocols and specific preventive guidelines established for each individual case.

    However, you have to collaborate in the reduction of gatherings, trips and necessary contacts by complying with the following recommendations:

    • Reduce to a necessary minimum the trips between UV buildings.
    • Inform yourself about the chance of carrying out a procedure by computer with other services instead of attending physically. Whenever it was possible, the university services limited their attention to telematic and phone channels, or they have established appointment systems in order to avoid the influx of people.
    • Reduce the number of social contacts during the workday. It’s recommended to take the usual breaks in small and stable groups, that is, in groups that always stay the same.
  • Who should I ask about COVID-19 prevention measures in my workplace?

    You should contact the COVID-19 reference people in your centre, department or other university structures( botanical garden, institute, observatory, hall of residence... ). If necessary, this person will pass on your query to other services or to the person in charge of COVID at the UV.



  • What do I have to do if I have symptoms of COVID-19?

    If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you should contact your health centre and follow the recommendations they give you. If you are recommended to rest at home or any hospital measure that would force you to request sick leave, please contact your department director. In the following link, you will find the current guidelines recommended by the Conselleria (Regional Department) in case of positive case of SARS-CoV-2.

    We remind you that the most common symptoms compatible with COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath. In some cases also decreased sense of smell and taste, chills, sore throat, headache, general weakness, muscle aches, diarrhoea or vomiting. Severe symptoms, which require immediate urgent attention, are shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, inability to speak or move, confusion or bluish discolouration of the lips or face.

  • When should I contact

    If you have symptoms or have been diagnosed with the disease by a PCR test and have been in the UV facilities since 48 hours before the onset of symptoms or the taking of a sample for diagnosis, you should report this as soon as possible to

    It is not necessary to send the communication to in other cases of isolation, for example, if you are in quarantine because you are in close contact with a contagious case or if you have been diagnosed with the disease but have not been to the UV facilities in the indicated period.

  • What does the UV do when there’s a communication sent to How can I make their job easier?

    When a positive case is confirmed, the UV collaborates with health authorities in order to identify and inform all the possible close contacts of the university community. The goal of this collaboration is to act as fast as possible in order to avoid further infections between the members of the university community.

    To make our job easier, you can provide the following information when notifying your case:

    • Your full name and telephone number.
    • The UV buildings you visited in the 48 hours before the apparition of symptoms or before the sample collection for the diagnosis.
    • The people of the university community with whom you’ve been more than 15 minutes during that period, at a distance inferior to 2 meters and with no appropriate use of a mask.

    The team only acts in cases where there’s a sign of symptoms or in case of a confirmed diagnosis via PCR test or similar, for which reason it’s not necessary to notify other circumstances, like preventive isolations caused by close contacts unknown to the UV or quarantines of dependent family members.

  • I have been ordered to be quarantined, what should I do?

    You must inform the person responsible for your unit (in the case of the PAS or PI) or the department management (in the case of the PDI) by providing the supporting documentation or a responsible statement in the form available on the PAS and PDI Human Resources websites, where you can consult the complete procedure established.

    You will automatically be transferred to the non-attendance mode, unless your health centre has indicated a temporary disability.

    You do not need to notify unless you have symptoms that are compatible with COVID-19 or the diagnosis is confirmed by a PCR test or equivalent.

  • Do I have the obligation to notify to the Health and Safety Environmental Quality Service that I was diagnosed with the virus? Is this information confidential?

    You have the obligation to notify your case to the Health and Safety Environmental Quality Service at or by other means specified in their website, assuming you’ve stayed in any of the university buildings for 48 hours before the apparition of symptoms or before the sample collection for the diagnosis. The obligation is set to safeguard the health of the people of your workplace through the enactment of the appropriate preventive measures.

    It’s not necessary to send the notification to in other isolation cases, for example, if you’re in quarantine as a consequence of being in close contact with a positive individual, or if you’ve been diagnosed with the virus, but haven’t been in UV buildings in the specified period

  • I have been informed of temporary incapacity for some reason related to COVID-19. How do I submit the information?

    • You must send the sick leave report for temporary disability, through the email addres, to the Secció de Seguretat Social (Social Security Section) of the UV or if you are a teaching and research staff of MUFACE o the PDI Human Resources Service, through the email address
    • This documentation contains confidential health information and should not be sent by any other means.