• FIELD - CAMPAIGN IN THE NETHERLANDS, The Netherlands (June - 2006)

During the period 11thJune to 17thJune, a new field campaign took place in The Netherlands; Two partners of EAGLE took part in this field campaign. Simultaneous measurements were carried out in Cabauw (grassland located in 515800 N, 04 5400E, -0.7m a.m.s.l.), in Loobos (forest placed in 52 1002.8N, 054438E, 52 m. a.m.s.l.) and Speulderbos (forest located in the following coordinates: 521508.1N, 054125.8E, 52m. a.m.s.l.). Three towers are located in these places, respectively. The mast in Cabauw was built to measure the relations between the state of the atmospheric boundary layer, land surface conditions and the general weather situation for all seasons; the mast situated in Loobos carries out continuous micrometeorological measurements and the tower sited in Speulderbos is not currently used for operational measurements.

 Over the fields, thermal infrared radiometric measurements using handheld radiometers described in before reports, surface energy budget measurements were carried out using a scintillometer and an eddy correlation system were installed in two towers, in Speulderbos, as well as a standard meteo-station, including a Kipp and Zoonen CNR1 radiometer and a goniometer system. Also, measurements of soil moisture were carried out. The measurements in the field were carried out at the same time that overpasses of the sensors; the sensors used were Airborne Hyperspectral System (AHS) by INTA, E-SAR system over DLR airplane and MIRAMAP L-band Microwave radiometer. The CHRIS-PROBA, MERIS, MODIS and AATSR imagery corresponding with the measurements will be acquired.

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Cabauw measurements tower


Loobos measurements tower


Speulderbos forest