Research centers and Post-graduate courses
with an IPE orientation

Some Research Centers

Center for New Institutional Social Sciences, at the Washington University in St. Louis
ESNIE - European School on New Institutional Economics
The Ronald Coase Institute at Cambridge, Massachusetts
IRIS Center at University of Maryland- Founded by (¶)Mancur Olson.
Contracting and Organizations Research Center, at the Univ. of Missouri
Centre pour l'analyse theórique des organizations et des marchés, at Paris
Max-Planck Institute - Institutional & Evolutionary Economics Research Units, at Jena, Germany
Center for the Study of Public Choice at Fairfax, USA
Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Public Policy Studies
Centre for Research in Institutional Economics, Hertfordshire, UK.
The Law and Economics Center at George Mason University
IKE research group, at Denmark
Have a look to the HET webpage by Gonçalo Fonseca

Some Examples of Postgraduate Courses (update pending)

Institutional and Behavioral Economics, --- by A. Schmid, Michigan S.U. (Schweikhardt after 2006)
Economics of Organization, --- by R. Langlois, Univ. of Connecticut.
Institutional Economics, ---by Ekkehart Schlicht
Institutional Economics, --- by M. Rutherford, Univ. of Victoria, Canada.
The Economics of Institutions, by Oliver Williamson, Univ. of California. --- See it at Schmid' website
Evolutions of Institutions and Technology, by Geoff Hodgson. --- See it at Schmid' website
Institutions, Collective Choice, and Econ. Performance, by M. Olson.¶ --- See it at Schmid' website
Political Economy of Institutions, by Timur Kuran, Univ. of Southern California. --- See it at Schmid' website
The Economic Role of Government, by Warren Samuels, Michigan State Univ. --- See it at Schmid' website
Institutional Econmics, by D. W. Bromley, University of Wisconsin. --- See it at Schmid' website
Institutions, --- By J. Shapiro, New Economic School, Moscow.
Institutions, Behavior and Performance,---by J. Shaffer, Michigan State University.
Economics of collective choice, by Prof. F.J. Hitzhusen. See it at Schmid website.
Social and Institutional Economics, --- by Gary Francis
Advanced Institutional Economics, --- by James Sturgeon
Agricultural Economics.New Institutional Economics, --- by M. Sykuta, Univ. of Missouri
Institutional Economics: history and applications to comparative political economy, --- by D.M. Woodruff, MIT.
Institutional Economicsby B. Young, Univ. of Missouri
Institutional Organisation and Change in the Public Sector --- by Toboso-Ochando-Compés, Valencia, Spain.
Institutional Economics Seminars in Valencia --- Organized by F. Toboso.
Methodological and Epistemological Issues in Economic Research Seminars --- Restricted access

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