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ECG Awards for the best Full Business Plan of University of Valencia in Economy for the Common Good

The ECG Chair has among its fundamental goals the recognition of the research that is being developed in the area of the Economy for the Common Good, as well as the dissemination of the results of research and the transfer of knowledge.

Following these goals, the ECG Chair convenes the ECG AWARDS for the best Business Full Plan carried out by University of Valencia’s students.

1. Participants:

This award is aimed at University of Valencia’s students who have completed a Full Business Plan.

  2. Topic:

It will be accepted projects of any topics about the Economy for the Common Good.

3. Project’s documentation:

 Applications must be submitted in the University of Valencia’s general registry or in any of its auxiliary registers. Along with the application, the following documentation must be presented:

Three Full Business Plan’s copies on paper support

4. Jury

The candidatures’ evaluation will be carried out by a single jury made up of three members, whose presidency will be in the ECG Chair’s direction or person to whom they delegate, plus two chairpersons.

  5. Prize

The single prize for the Best Full Business Plan is 500

  6. ECG Awards’ Resolution

The ECG Award’s Resolution for the Best Full Business Plan will be made public at an event organized by the Chair of Economy for the Common Good and will be published on the Chair’s website.

Come and participate!