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Chair of Economy for the Common Good

The Chair of Economy for the Common Good (CATEBC) of the Universitat de València (UV) and the Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Valencian Department for Sustainable Economy, Productive sectors, Trade and Employment of the Valencian Government (GV) is born with the aim of developing and promoting the Economy for the Common Good in the Valencian Community from the university field through the organisation of different dissemination, training and research activities.

The Chair works with the Valencian Association for Promotion of Economy for the Common Good, a non-profit organisation that gathers professionals and supporters of ECG in the Valencian Community.

The general aim of the Chair is to disseminate values and principles of ECG, prioritizing the general interest and common good in front of particular interests, and individuals and work versus capital and money. Through debate, discussion, research and training, it is intended to offer a review of economy, offering sustainable alternatives (economic, social and ecological) to the problems of the Valencian society. Constitution and development of ECG organisations will also be promoted, supporting responsible and ethical companies with the society, especially cooperatives and other organisations of Social and Solidary Economy.

Director: Dr. Joan Ramon Sanchis-Palacio, Department of Business Management's Full University Professor of Universitat de València.