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Educational Innovation Project for the Economy for the Common Good of the Universitat de València

  • Purpose and goals of the Project:

Creation and consolidation of a stable group and a network of educational innovation in the Economy for the Common Good ECG in order to introduce contents related to the ECG model in university degrees and in the teaching program of Primary Education and Secondary (Primary, ESO, A levels and Formative Courses). The coordination of the Group corresponds to the Chair at ECG GVA-UVEG of the University of Valencia.

It is a transversal approach in the areas of university education and primary and secondary education, the network will be formed by teachers from the two educational levels and will affect the education of the Valencian Community. The project is aimed at teachers and students, and affects all subjects related to Economics and Business Economics of the following cycles: university, high school diploma (Bachillerato), training courses, Compulsory Secondary Education and Primary.

Specific Project's goals:

  • Creation and consolidation of a Group and a Network of Teaching Innovation in the area of ECG in the levels of University education, Primary and Secondary.
  • Generation and improvement of multimedia teaching resources around the ECG model focused on teachers and students in University education, Primary and Secondary education.
  • Acquisition of new multimedia skills by the members of the Teaching Innovation Group regarding ECG.

Results and applicability:

  • The results intended to achieve with the development of the Project are:
  • Creation and consolidation of the Teaching Innovation Group (GID) in
  • Preparation of new multimedia teaching materials on the ECG model.
  • Training and acquisition of GID members' abilities in EBC for teacher training.
  • Economy of the Common Good ECG.
  • Creation of a network of professors specialized in teaching in the EBC model.

The results obtained in this project will be applied to the different subjects on company's economy, sustainable social development of teachings in universities and in Primary and Secondary and will suppose the improvement in the qualification of the professors participating in the project. It is also planned to expand the network with universities and primary and secondary schools of other autonomous communities where there is also a Chair in EBC such as the case of the University of Barcelona or intend to establish in the near future