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Social Responsibility and Corporate Ethics in financial institution” by Joan Ramon Sanchis-Palacio and Vanesa Campos-Climent.

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In October, the book "Social Responsibility and Business Ethics to Banks" was published and directed by Joan Ramon Sanchis-Palacio, Professor of Business Organization at the University of València and the ECG Chair’s Director and Vanessa Campos-Climent, Department of Business Management’s professor, University of València.


27 october 2017

This book is the first number corresponding to a new Collection of books called "Economy for the Common Good", which will be published by University of Valencia’s Publications (PUB). The contents of the book correspond to the different presentations that have been presented in the two editions held to date (2015 and 2016) of the "SRB to financial entities" Conference sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Faculty of Economics. The book was presented at the III Conference on Social Responsibility and Economy for the Common Good in Banking Organizations by Vanessa Campos-Climent, the book’s director.

The banking behavior in Spain is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and controversial issues today from the political, economic and social point of view. The financial crisis of 2008 and the scandals of preferential stakes and the Bankia’s black cards and other financial abuses that have happened over the last ten years have a strong media impact on Spanish society. In view of these behaviors, the citizens demand a change in the attitude of banking entities and a greater ethical and social commitment while the reputation of the banks follows a downward trend, which turns social responsibility and business ethics into a hot and current topic.

The book analyzes all these bad banking practices, and concrete proposals from the Economy for the Common Good. It is structured into six chapters and includes a prologue written by the General Director of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Generalitat Valenciana, Francisco Álvarez-Molina, who represents the main reference of the Economy for the Common Good in Spain and that who has demonstrated his social and ethical commitment from the field of finance.


  1. Social responsibility in the banking business. A look at the financial inclusion of quality Marta de la Cuesta-Golzález

  2. Bank’s culture and social responsibility Fernando Zunzunegui

  3. The image of the bank: in the key of responsibility Pau A. Monserrat-Valentí

  4. Bank interest and general interest Jordi Griera i Roig

  5. How to measure the social responsibility of banking entities:

    1. The focus of the Economy for the Common Good Alfonso Ribarroca
    2. B corp: the civil responsibility of the companies Leonardo Gutson
    3. ASUFIN: The consumers’ strength organized in network Patricia Suárez-Ramírez
    4. Fiscal fraud can harm health Maria Victoria Zunzinegui
    5. Caixa Popular corporate social responsibility’s model  Francesc Alòs
  6. Conclusions: Beyond social responsibility in banking Joan Ramon-Sanchis and Vanessa Campos.
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