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Self Diagnostic Sustainability Tool

The Chair in Economy for the Common Good team of the University of Valencia together with CEEI Valencia has designed the first diagnostic tool for sustainability so that small and medium-sized enterprises can quantitatively assess the social and environmental impact of their business activity.

This tool, launched through Emprenemjunts, consists of a test of just 20 questions that allow the user to know the starting point where an organization is in terms of corporate sustainability. In this way, companies and entrepreneurs can identify areas of improvement to gain competitiveness, focusing their resources and capabilities on the implementation of the sustainable criteria required by today's demands and trends of the market and society.

It should be noted that the self-diagnostic tool uses as reference the Economy for the Common Good model, particularly its Matrix.

The test analyses the organization’s main stakeholders: suppliers; owners, equity and financial service providers; employees, including co-workers employers; customers and other companies; and social environment. From each of these interest groups, the test evaluates the values and principles proposed by the ECG model: human dignity; solidarity and social justice; environmental sustainability; and transparency and co-participation.

With this information, the test measures the position of the company in the Dyllick and Muff Matrix, positioning the entity in one of the four different levels of Corporate Sustainability that the matrix proposes: from unsustainable businesses (lowest position), up to the Sustainability 3.0 level (in which common value is created for the whole set of stakeholders from the common good vision, with a perspective organized from the outside to the inside).

Furthermore, this test represents the previous step to the sustainability memory of the company and the beginning of the road towards the Register of Socially Responsible Entities of the Valencian Community.

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