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Agroecology Project

The project is aligned with the 1st Valencian Plan for Ecological Production, which seeks to promote the transition towards more sustainable and ecological production systems. As stated in the Plan: this will make it possible to obtain higher quality Agri-food products without waste, meeting the needs and demands of citizens and markets, who are looking for safe, quality food.  At the same time, the new agroecological production model will help us to fight climate change, helping to curb water pollution and desertification, as well as the loss of agricultural and cultural diversity in our territory.

The Project is also based on a participative process that is aligned with the general objective of the Plan. "Thus, the general objective is to promote local and ecological agricultural production, with a differentiating axis based on Valencian family farming, connecting it with initiatives that work with a more conscious and responsible consumption, to give impetus to a real production and processing of quality food, thus promoting food sovereignty in our territory and being an example of an agricultural activity that is economically profitable in the long term, environmentally clean and socially just, i.e. sustainable".

Within the framework of the Rural Development Programme of the Valencian Community 2014-2020, the aim is to promote the commitment of the Valencian agricultural sector in defence of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), in alignment with Human Rights, through the principles and values of the EBC: 1) human dignity, 2) environmental sustainability, 3) solidarity and social justice and 4) transparency and democratic participation, in such a way as to integrate the EBC Model (Economy for the Common Good) in the Valencian Agroecological sector, through a pilot research-implementation-exemplification process, which places value on the contribution of this agricultural sector to the common good, including aspects of economic, social and environmental sustainability in a joint and integrated manner.

This project has been made up of 3 phases:

In the first phase, the innovation team formed by the Valencian Association for the Promotion of the Common Good (as a citizen organisation), the EBC Chair (as a public entity through the Universitat de València), and La Unió de Llauradors (as a professional agricultural organisation) has adopted the Common Good Matrix and its Common Good Balance Sheet (EBC) to the peculiarities of Valencian ecological farms through a participatory action-research process.

In the second phase, PEER groups were created, made up of 3-5 companies in the sector that carry out and share the results of the BBC, as an alternative to traditional audits. PEER groups encourage cooperation, group analysis and pooling of economic resources.

In the third phase, the project focuses on improving the competitiveness of procedures by adding social value to organic agricultural products and exemplifying their good practices, promoting them in local and international markets. To this end, communication, dialogue and awareness-raising actions are carried out to promote a model of citizenship actively committed to achieving a more equitable and sustainable world, through the promotion of responsible behaviour in solidarity, the fair distribution of wealth, ethical and ecological consumption, fair trade, ethical finance and a general culture of respect and tolerance for people, gender equality and the rational use of resources and respect for the environment.

Parallel to all phases of the project, the Valencian Association for the Promotion of Common Goods is taking steps, both at a federal and international level, for the endorsement and recognition of the figure of differentiated quality, involving public administrations and European entities during this process.

Therefore, the general objective of the project is to integrate the EBC Model (Economy for the Common Good) in the Valencian Agro-ecological sector, using a pilot process of research-implementation-exemplification, which will value the contribution of this agricultural sector to the common good (aspects of economic, social and environmental sustainability).

Download the report

Download the Adaptation of the Common Good Balance Sheet 5.0 for Agroecological Farms Manual

Access to the EBC calculator adapted for Agroecological Farms

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DISCLOSURE OF RESULTS: Conference by Vanessa Campos (Project Coordinator of the EBC Chair in the XII Alzira Economy Week).