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2018 RESEARCH PROJECT: Development of the Economy for the Common Good's Matrix: statistical analysis and study of its dimensions and instruments.

During 2018, the team of researchers of the ECG Chair will develop a research project on the analysis of  Common Good's Matrix to validate its dimensions and its indicators and introduce improvements. The research will be carried out jointly with German and United Kingdom researchers, and with the collaboration of the Spanish Federal Association for the Economy for the Common Good's promotion. 

The project is sponsored by Humanistic Management Practices gGmbH (HMP). It is a think tank based in Berlin, dedicated to promoting, disseminating and exploring the ethics inspired humanistically in companies and environmental sustainability in the economy. 

The goal of this project is the statistical validation of the current measuring instruments (items) and dimensions (variables) used in the Common Good Matrix (CGM) and additional development of the Matrix by designing a new version that keeps in mind the cause-effect relationships between the different dimensions (variables). This general objective is broken down into the following specific goals:

  1. Creation of a database at European level on the organizations that are implementing the MCG.
  2. Statistical evaluation and validation of the current dimensions (variables) and measures (items) used in the MCG.
  3. To propose improvement of measuring instruments (items) of the dimensions (variables) included in the MCG by adding new items and new variables.
  4. Development of MCG through the design of an econometric model that takes into account the cause-effect relationships between dimensions or variables.

In this way, a future research will complete this project, developing MCG to turn it into not only a tool to evaluate the success of the companies in terms of their contribution to common good, but also as a tool for to administer companies on the basis of the principles of Common Good.