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Phylogeography of representative plant species of the Mediterranean flora





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From left to right: Arbutus unedo, Celtis Australis, Myrtus communis and Nerium oleander. © E. Laguna, 2005-2009



FILMED  is the acronyme of the project CGL2006-09427BOS 'Comparative phylogeography of representative plant species of the Mediterranean flora. Data of forestry and ecological interest', selected in the 2006 call of proposals of the Spanish Ministry of Research and Education's National Plan of Scientifical Research. It is developed between 2007 and 2009 by the Department of Botany of the University of Valencia and the CIEF (Centre for Forestry Research and Experimentation) of the Generalitat Valenciana's Department of Environment, Water, Land Planning and Housing.


FILMED attempts to know the ways of historic colonisation and genetic diversification of a selected representation of the Mediterranean vascular plants, through 8 of their species with major distribution area: Arbutus unedo, Celtis australis, Myrtus communis, Nerium oleander, Pistacia lentiscus, Quercus coccifera, Rhamnus alaternus and Rosmarinus officinalis


The activity carried out by 10 researchers and it encloses 2 subprojects:

1) Characterisation of geographical pathways, and the rules of evolution and genetic diversification for the 8 targeted species, using the microsatellite analysis, taking samples from not less than 20 populations per species, taken in all the Mediterraneann-climate countries around the 'Mare Nostrum' sea.

2) Comparative study of germination parameters and early development phases of plantets in the above citated species, using seeds picked up in representative populations around the Mediterranean sea, and cultivated in the CIEF nurseries under controlled conditions



Left to right: Pistacia lentiscus, Quercus coccifera, Rhamnus alaternus and Rosmarinus officinalis. © E. Laguna, 2005-2009


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          Quercus cocciffera  var. cretica                                    Quercus cocciffera  var. coccifera                           Quercus cocciffera  var. coccifera                

  Chania (Creta, Greece)                                                      Llombai (Valencia, Spain)                                 Pina de Montalgrao (Castellón, Spain)

   11.2005, © E. Laguna                                                          11.2006, © E. Laguna                                                       03.2006, © E. Laguna             

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