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Demonstration of sampling procedures, made by Dr. Isabel Mateu on garden specimens, 04.2007, © E. Laguna





The objective of the project FILMED is to investigate the comparative phylogeography of species that share their circunmediterranean distribution by means of chloroplastic microsatellites (cpSSR). For this purpose, 8 species of ecologic and economic interest have been selected for  their use in restoring ornamental and wood ecosystems, these being: Arbutus unedo L., Celtis australis L., Myrtus communis L., Nerium oleander L., Pistacia lentiscus L., Quercus coccifera L., Rhamnus alaternus L. and Rosmarinus officinalis L.


Forty populations of each species spread out over their area of distribution will be studied. The chosen markers are cpSSR since they are of monoparental heredity, suitable to learn the geographic distribution of their genetic variability, and they also present high levels of variability. With the purpose of not only verifying that the different sizes of each of the fragments corresponding with concordant indels, but also that the equal sizes of one fragment involve the same nucleotidic composition, samples of each different sized fragment will be sequenced. In order to know whether differences exist between populations as far as aspects of forest interest are concerned, such as the germination capacity of seeds and plant survival, tests will be conducted under homogeneous conditions with material from 20 populations among those studied for each species.


With the results obtained we will try to know if the phylogeographic patterns of the studied Mediterranean species fit with the previously described in European boreal and template species and to get data that uphold the identification of areas of special interest for the conservation of genetic diversity in the Mediterranean, supplies reliable molecular tools to define areas of seed sources and certification, and that upholds the regulations controlling the seed and plant trade.



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Example of sample preparation, 12.2008, © E. Laguna


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