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Field trips

The day trips, adapted to the ages of the participants, may consist on nature activities, museum visits, urban activities, multi-activity, etc.  

The team will take charge of selecting, preparing and boosting these field trips

Throughout July, the following activities will take place outside the normal installations:

  • Two half-day field trips (from 8:30am until 2pm).
  • A day field trip (from 8:30am until 6pm).
  • A two night over-night stay (from 24 until 26 July).

Half-day field tips


  • Climate change observatory

A centre aimed at an environmental issue of an international scope: climate change. Amongst its objectives, we can find fighting climate change, teaching and raise awareness amongst citizens about the environment and show the contribution of Valencia in sustainable development.

We will receive a guided tour around the Observatory from the team of environmental education, during which concepts of climate change will be explained, as well as the greenhouse effect and its causes and consequences. In order to do all of this, the resources of the centre will be used, which include interactive videos, exhibitions and several teaching resources.

  • Paddle surfing at Perellonet

Paddle surfing or paddle boarding is an offshoot of surfing in which the surfer uses a paddle to move on water while they stand on a surf board.

Our students will have the opportunity to try both normal boards as XL boards, on which more than one person can surf.

Day field trips


  • Hikking in the Peña María a Xestalgar spot

Xestalgar (or Gestalgar) has many charms that makes it worth a visit, such as the area of El motor, a natural swimming pool of the river Turia as it passes through this town. In its recreational area, there is a beautiful bathing area of the river Turia at the foot of the Peña Maria, an impressive massif that presides over the area. The El Morenillo fountain also stands out, a corner with a small spring from which the water flows towards a small waterfall.

When we arrive at Xestalgar, we will make a route next to the river, which leaves from the bathing area of the village El motor. After walking, we will reach a mythical area of the village, the Peña María, a geological accident of limestone rock. At the foot of the Peña María we will discover a fountain in a shaded area with small tables to get some air before starting the journey back to the area of El motor.

Massif Peña María

Stay of 3 days / 2 night


  • Stay in the hostel of l’Assut d’Antella

This three-day, two-night stay Antella, Ribera Alta, will allow us to continue developing different aspects related to the guiding thread of the YOUNG NAU. The stay will take place from 24 to 26 July, when the group of participants is sufficiently united.

A large part of the stay will take place in the hostel's own facilities, as we will count on various adventure activities such as the climbing wall, mountain biking route, orienteering game and canoes. However, we will also take advantage of the stay and we will enjoy the different spaces and monuments offered by Antella.



The General Foundation of the Universitat de València reserves the right to make changes in the programme due to organisational reasons

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