Gonzalo Mateo García

Current position: PhD student

Image and signal processing group (ISP)

Image processing laboratory (IPL)

I’m a PhD student in the Image processing laboratory at Universidad de Valencia. My advisor is Prof. Luis Gómez-Chova.

My research interests are in the field of applied machine learning. I am specially interested in applications to natural sciences like remote sensing and weather and energy forecasting. I worked under a Google Earth Engine Award project developing machine learning cloud detection algorithms (some results). Previously I worked in renewable energy forecasting at MeteoLogica.

My current research involves convolutional neural networks for semantic segmentation, transfer learning and uncertainty estimation in deep learning.

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Current projects

  1. Cloud masking in remote sensing image time series using the Google Earth Engine platform
    with Luis Gómez-Chova and Jordi Muñoz-Marí

  2. Transfer learning with convolutional neural networks for multispectral image cloud masking
    with Luis Gómez-Chova and Gustau Camps-Valls

  3. Optimized Kernel Ridge Regression
    with Valero Laparra, Jordi Muñoz-Marí and Luis Gómez-Chova

  4. Estimating primary productivity of crops globally with machine learning and the Google Earth Engine
    with Aleksandra Wolanin, Luis Guanter, Gustau Camps-Valls and Luis Gómez-Chova