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Carlos Briones takes us to Mars

The Perseverance rover arrived at the Jezero crater on the planet Mars on 18 February. Its main mission is to search for fossil remains of possible Martian microbial life. Next Wednesday 10 March at 5pm, Carlos Briones, from the Centre for Astrobiology (CAB, CSIC-INTA), will explain the...

Javier S. Burgos presents his book “Geografía de la locura”

What does the painter Théodore Géricault have to do with today's science? What obscure connections link the genius of French Romanticism with the scientific method? Why have his portraits influenced the development of modern neurology? What has survived from those post-Napoleonic investigations?

Kristie Tanner defends her doctoral thesis on the solar panel microbiota

This doctoral thesis, supervised by Manuel Porcar, Cristina Vilanova and Juli Peretó, compares the different microbiota isolated from solar panels from different locations, explores the antioxidant properties of some of their bacteria and describes Sphingomonas solaris, a new species...


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