Jesús Tejada

Brief note

My interests are music technology for music production, music performance and music education. I have a degree in Performance, a PhD in Humanities and a PhD in Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education.Currently, I teach in Primary Education Teacher Training, in the Master of Research in Music Education and I supervise doctoral studies in the Music Education Doctoral Program at the University of Valencia. Previously, I taught music at the University of La Rioja and at the University of Sevilla in the degrees related with Pre-Service Music Teaching and Pedagogy. Also, I teach some courses at different institutions of higher education.


My research projects are related to music technology, specifically the design, implementation and evaluation of software for teaching music.Up to date, my research interests are:
Technology in music training. Design and development of software for learning music. Design of electronic materials for learning music programs. Multimodality in learning music processes. Development of software for learning mathematics through sound and music. Development of software for the real-time assessment of vocal intonation. Development of software for the real-time assessment of music instruments intonation. Development of software for rhythm training. My publications, approach the use of music technology, particularly applied research, learning software music, and design and development of software for music education.


Institutions Univ. de Chile (Invest. invitado. Prof. invitado) Univ. de La Coruña (Profesor invitado. Postgrado) Univ. de La Laguna (Profesor invitado. Postgrado) Univ. de La Rioja (Assoc. Professor, 1995-2003) Univ. de La Serena, Chile (Researcher, 2017-2018) Univ. de Lérida (Profesor invitado. Pregrado) Univ. de Málaga (Prof. invit. Doctorado y Postgrado) Univ. Metropolitana de CC. de la Educación (Chile) (Invest. invit.) Univ. Nacional Autónoma de México (Profesor invit. Postgrado) Univ. Nac. de Ed.a Distancia (Prof. invit. Postgrado) Univ. Politécnica de Valencia (Evaluador externo) Univ. Pública de Navarra (Prof. invitado Postgrado) Univ. de Santiago de Chile (Profesor Adjunto Doctorado) Univ. de Sevilla (Full professor 2003-2007) Univ. de Valencia (Full professor 2008-today) Univ. de Zaragoza (Prof. invitado. Pregrado)