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Rhamnaceae project

Call for seeds

We are performing a study on the ecology and evolution of Rhamnaceae species that has a world-wide distribution, and we are currently searching for seeds of any species of this family in order to perform germination experiments. We would appreciate it if you would like to help in this project by sending us seeds of any Rhamnaceae species (*) preferently from wild populations (to avoid garden varieties and hybrids). If so, please contact María Pérez-Fernández ( ) for details. We especially need Rhamnaceae seeds from South America, South Africa, Asia and New Zealand. Your help will be acknowledged in any report or publication we produce.

We need a minimum of 500 seeds (preferably more), and they should be sent to:

María Pérez-Fernández
Area de Ecología
Departamento de Sistemas Físicos, Químicos y Naturales
Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Ctra. de Utrera km. 1
ES-41013 Sevilla, Spain

Thank you very much,

Byron Lamont
Curtin University, Perth, Australia

(*) These are the species from which we already have enough seeds, and thus we do not need any more:

Alphitonia excelsa, A. betriei
Ceanothus greggii
Frangula alnus
Hovenia acerba
Paltinis ramosissima
Pomaderris apetala, P. myrtilloides, P. obcordata, P. rotundifolium
Rhamnus alaternus, R. crenulata, R. lycioides lycioides, R. lycioides oleoides, R. punctata, R. spina-christi
Siegfriedia darwinoides
Spyridium globolosum
Trevoa trinervis
Trymalium ledifolium, T. odoratissimum, T. spathulatum
Ventilago viminalis
Ziziphus jujuba, Z. lotus, Z. obtusifolia, Z. parryi, Z. thyrsiflora

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