juli g. pausas

Research scientist at Centro de Investigaciones sobre Desertificación (CIDE, Valencia, Spain) of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC; the Spanish National Research Council). My research focuses on the Ecology and Evolution of fire-prone ecosystems, and specifically on understanding the role of fire in shaping plant species, populations, communities and landscapes. [Brief Curriculum Vitae, CV].

Research interest: fire ecology, regeneration ecology, plant functional traits, evolution of fire traits, post-fire regeneration, Mediterranean vegetation, vegetation dynamics and modelling, diversity patterns.

juli pausas
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  • Pausas JG & Keeley JE 2023. Evolutionary fire ecology: an historical account and future directions. BioScience 73(8): 602–608. [doi | pdf]
  • Pausas JG & Leverkus A. 2023. Disturbance ecology in human societies. People and Nature 5(4): 1082-1093. [doi | wiley | pdf | relationalthinking | TheConversation ES]
  • Pausas JG, Álvarez-Ruiz L, Baz A, Belliure J, Benítez G, Ferrer-Gallego PP, Herrando-Pérez S, Jiménez JN, Laguna E, Mínguez E, Montagud S, Outerelo R, Roca V, Santos X, Velázquez de Castro AJ, Viñolas A, Cifuentes J, Gilgado JD. 2013. Postfire biodiversity database for eastern Iberia. Scientific Data 10:872. [doi | pdf | pdf | data: figshare]
  • Guiote C & Pausas JG. 2023. Fire favors sexual precocity in a Mediterranean pine. Oikos 2023(3):e09373. [doi | pdf]
  • Lamont BB & Pausas JG. 2023. Seed dormancy revisited: dormancy-release pathways and environmental interactions. Functional Ecology 37(4): 1106-1125. [doi | data: dryad | pdf]
  • Pausas J.G. & Bond W.J. 2022. Feedbacks in ecology and evolution. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 37(8): 637-644. [doi | sciencedirect | pdf]
  • Pausas J.G. & Lamont B.B. 2022. Fire-released seed dormancy - a global synthesis. Biological Reviews 97: 1612-1639. [doi | pdf | supp. mat. | data (figshare)] (highlighted in plant.org)
  • Pausas J.G. 2022. Pyrogeography across the western Palearctic: a diversity of fire regimes. Global Ecology & Biogeography 32(10): 1923-1932. [ doi | wiley | pdf | data: dryad | figures]
  • Pausas JG, Lamont BB, Keeley JE., Bond, WJ. 2022. Bet-hedging and best-bet strategies shape seed dormancy. New Phytologisty 236(4): 1232-1236. [ doi | wiley | pdf]
  • Pausas J.G. 2022. Ecology in the cradle of humanity. BioScience 72(7): 705–706. [oup | doi | pdf]
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  • Dantas V., Pausas J.G. 2022. The legacy of the extinct Neotropical megafauna on plants and biomes. Nature Communications 13: 129. [doi | pdf | data & codes]
  • Tavsanoglu Ç. & Pausas J.G. 2022. Turkish postfire action overlooks biodiversity. Science 375 (6579): 391. [doi | pdf | Turkish version | blog]
  • Pausas J.G. & Bond W.J. 2021. Alternative biome states challenge the modelling of species' niche shifts under climate change. Journal of Ecology 109(12): 3962-3971. [doi | wiley | pdf]
  • Pausas J.G. & Keeley J.E. 2021. Wildfires and global change. Frontiers in Ecology and Environment 19(7): 387-395. [doi | wiley | pdf | brief for managers]
  • Pausas et al. 2021. A shrubby resprouting pine with serotinous cones endemic to Southwest China. Ecology 102(5): e03228. [doi | pdf | data]

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    "A world without fires is like a sphere without roundness, i.e., we cannot imagine it" (Pausas & Keeley 2009) Tweet

    "We live in a world analogous to an herbivore exclusion experiment, with most of the large herbivores removed." (Pausas & Bond 2018) Tweet

    "Nothing in fire science makes sense except in the light of evolution" - Pausas & Keeley 2023 paraphrasing to T. Dobzhansky 1973 Tweet

    "The answers to nearly all the major philosophical questions are either found in or illuminated by the science of life, especially ecology, whose stated goal is the elucidation of the relationship of organisms to environment", Lynn Margulis 1997

    "Diversity is maintained because of the global certainty of local uncertainty", Simon A. Levin 1999

    "I would rather discover one cause than gain the kingdom of Persia", Democritus (460-370 BC)

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