Recent projects funded by the Government of Spain

-Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis activity, stress adaptation and cognitive vulnerability: relevance of age and sex. PSI2016-78763-P. Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Period: 30/12/2016-30/12/2020.

-Social stress and cognitive function: Relevance of physiological reactivity and recovery. PSI2013-46889-P. Ministry of Economy and Competitivity. 2013-2016

-Impact of social stress on cognitive function: Importance of age, sex and emotional-perceptive factors. PSI2010/21343 (sub PSIC). Ministry of Science and Technology. 2011-2013.

-Social stress: gender and age differences in neuroendocrine, cardiovascular and affective response to a social laboratory stressor and its influence on cognitive function. SEJ2007-62 019. Ministry of Education and Science. 2007-2010.

-Gender, cardiovascular and affective differences in hormonal response to a social laboratory stressor according to age: the importance of appreciation and relevance for memory. SEJ2004-07191/PSIC. Ministry of Education and Science. 2004-2007.

Recent projects funded by the Community of Valencia


-Social stress and health: Modulating factors and prevention/intervention strategies. (PROMETEOII2015/020). Conselleria d'Educació. Generalitat Valenciana. 2015-2018.

-Impact of social stress on health: vulnerability and resistance factors. PROMETEO 2011/048. 2011-2015.

-Social Stress and health impact. Grants for Groups of I+D+I 2004. Conselleria d'Empresa, Universitat i Ciencia. GRUPOS2004/15 Valencia. 2004-2005.


-Supplemental grants for I+D+I's projects. Generalitat Valenciana. ACOMP/2010/131, ACOMP/2011/166, ACOMP/2012/0240, ACOMP/2013/0200.

-Study of psychophysiological response to a social laboratory stressor: coping. Generalitat Valenciana, Conselleria d'Empresa Universitat i Science. I D I. Special Actions AE/2007/142 2007.