My research area is computer modeling and simulation where i have been working in different application domains during the last decades. Specifically, these domains are Machine Learning techniques for Multiagent systems applied to simulate artificial pedestrian groups or crowds ( MARL-Ped ), Multiscale simulation computer-architectures and Coordination Models for Multiagent Systems ( MADEM ). Recently, i am working with Dr. Rafael Sebastian in Electro-Physiology models that enable patient-specific simulations in cardiology ( CoMMLab ).

Miguel Lozano on January 2, 2016


Posted by Miguel Lozano on January 12, 2016

Dr. Lozano Ibáñez is an Associate Professor of the School of Engineering at the University of Valencia (ETSE). His courses are oriented to show simulation techniques for multimedia undergraduate students at ETSE (UV) . He has been during years an active member of the GREV (Grupo de Redes y Entornos Virtuales) at the University of Valencia where he has been involved in different kind of simulation projects, and since 2016 he is leading the CoMMLab group research lines ( CoMMLab ). He has supervised 3 PhD Thesis in the last decade and more than 15 MSc Theses in the same fields. He is the author of more than 50 scientific and educational publications, and he is also a recognized reviewer in different simulation journals (Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory (Elsevier), Transportmetrica A: Transport Science and others). (See Recent publications )