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Altea (Alicante), Spain, May 23-26, 2006

Organized by Universitat de València

ODYSSEUS 2006 is the third international workshop on freight transportation and logistics

This workshop, as the two previous ones held in Crete (2000) and Sicily (2003), is devoted to models, algorithms, strategies, and software systems which enable decision support in freight transportation and logistics. In a nice environment, the workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners who study and implement solutions to these problems. All contributions are welcome, but we are particularly interested in contributions in one or several of the following fields.


• Vehicle Routing
• Fleet and Crew Management
• Modal Transportation: Rail, Truck, Maritime, etc
• Intermodal Transportation
• Terminal Management
• Supply Chain Optimization
• Network Design and Planning
• City Logistics
• Facility Logistics
• Freight Intelligent Transportation Systems

Since one of the main goals of the workshop is to encourage new collaborations and joint projects, the number of presentations will be limited. This policy should allow discussions during and after the presentations and encourage an active participation, which is not possible at larger conferences. In addition to presentations, the workshop is intended to be a forum for exchange of recent experiences and results.

On his way back from Troy to Ithaca, Odysseus lost his way and reached the mythic land of Ogigia, usually sited in the eastern Mediterranean Coast, where he spent almost 7 years. To the several speculations on Ogigia’s actual location, we must add a new one: Altea. And if this is not correct, it really deserves to be. Finding its way to the sea from the top of a hill, the Village of Altea, formerly a sailor and peasant’s region, is protected from the cold winter winds by the near mountains and owns one of the most beautiful Mediterranean bays. 10 Kms North from Benidorm, 50 from Alicante and 120 South from Valencia, Altea and its surroundings offers a state-of-the-art frame for this workshop.

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