Manel Perucho Pla

Universitat de València

Relativistic Astrophysics Group


     I am an Associate Professor of the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics (Faculty of Physics) at the University of València. I study astrophysical scenarios related to (special) relativistic hydrodynamics. Namely, extragalactic jets from active galactic nuclei, and outflows in X-ray binary stars and gamma-ray binary stars. These include:

  - Extragalactic jet evolution and propagation (stability, mass-load...). FRI/FRII morphological dichotomy of radiogalaxies.
  - Influence of jets on the evolution of the host active galaxy.
  - Parsec-scale jets (emission processes, flow dynamics).
  - Microquasar jets.
  - Pulsar wind-stellar wind interaction in gamma-ray binaries.