Plasmonics and Nano-Optics

Group of Plasmonics and Nano-Optics

University of Valencia and University of Alicante

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Unversitat de València
University of Valencia

Universtat d'Alacant
University of Alicante

The Group of Plasmonics and Nano-Optics pursues a diverse range of physical optics and electromagnetism topics at the leading edge of researching. The key research areas include surface waves, subwavelength resolution imaging and focusing, and diffraction-free beams.

Surface waves

  • Surface plasmon-polaritons (SPPs)

  • Dyakonov surface waves

  • Tamm waves

Subwavelength resolution imaging and focusing

  • Flat superlenses

  • Hyperlensing

  • Canalization regime

Diffraction-free beams

  • Bessel plasmons

  • Self-guiding