Positive Introduction

April 05, 2012Posted by Daniel Hill


POSITIVE is a multidisciplinary project involving the emerging fields of photonics structures, electronics, fluidics and bio-chemistry, to contribute to the development of high value sensor technology for a fast and low-cost determination of food allergen sensitization.

The consortium will develop a state-of-the-art diagnostic Lab-on-a-Chip platform via an integrated microfluidic sample preparation technique capable of serum preparation from whole blood of volumes, <100µl. The detection will be based on ultrasensitive photonic biosensors that are highly integrated into a lab-on-chip packaged bio-chip or cartridge. A final prototype consisting of the cartridge and reader will be used on clinical samples in order to determine sensitization to allergens such as that for hen's eggs, cow's milk, peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, fish, sesame, and shrimp ingestion.

The novel diagnostic technology of the POSITIVE device has the potential to be fast and easy to use, making routine screening or diagnosis of food allergies safer, more cost-effective and widely available. The ultimate target of POSITIVE is to demonstrate the feasibility of a rapid diagnostic test for multiple food allergy sensitizations at point of care in a paediatrician and/or GP's office.