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Paco Puig

Business, Strategy, Clustering.

Francisco Puig is Professor of Business Strategy at the University of Valencia (Spain). He completed his PhD in Economics and Business (with honours).

He has been an international visiting lecturer at the HEC-Montreal (Canada), the Manchester Business School and King's College London (UK). He teaches International Business and Strategic Management at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education levels. He specializes in International Strategy and Industrial Clusters, and has published articles in leading journals as well as co-authored books and chapters in collective volumes.

His research focuses on the intersection between Location-Strategy-Performance.

Education and Experience

My career so far


  • PhD in Economics and Business (Extraordinary Award), University of Valencia, Spain (2006)
  • Bachelor in Economics and Business, University of Valencia, Spain (2000).


  • Full Professor of Business Strategy [Catedrático de Organización de Empresas] at the Department of Business Management, University of Valencia, Spain.
  • Senior Lecturer [Associate Professor] in Management and International Business, University of Valencia, Spain (from 2004).
  • Part-time lecturer in Tourism Management, Small Business Strategy Management, Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management, Florida Universitaria, Catarroja, Valencia, Spain.
  • Part-time tutor in Business and Management, (UNED), Madrid, Spain.
  • Part-time lecturer in International Business, Strategy and Strategic Management, University of Valencia, Spain.

Module Coordinator

  • Director of the Master in Business Strategy, University of Valencia, Spain".
  • Business Turnaround, University of Valencia, Spain.
  • Strategic Management, University of Valencia, Spain.
  • Strategic Marketing and Management, Florida Universitaria, Catarroja, Valencia, Spain.
  • International Marketing, Florida Universitaria, Catarroja, Valencia, Spain.
  • Human Resource Management, Florida Universitaria, Catarroja, Valencia, Spain.

Research Interests

Main Areas

  • Strategy, MNEs, Traditional Manufacturing, Business Turnaround, Clustering.


  • Cluster, Internationalization, Entrepreneurship, Survival, Textile, Turnaround

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Selected Publications.

  • Puig, F.; Cantarero, S. ; Verdone, F. (2022):

    Coronavirus versus the textile industry: Cluster lessons for future challenges. Fashion and Textiles

  • Rico, M; Puig, F. (2021):

    Successful turnarounds in bankrupt firms? Assessing retrenchment in the most severe form of crisis. BRQ-Business Research Quarterly 24 (2), 114-128

  • Royo-Vela, M.; Amézquita, J. C.; Puig, F. (2021):

    Market orientation in service clusters and its effect on the marketing performance of SMEs. European Journal of Management and Business Economics, DOI 10.1108/EJMBE-12-2019-0216

  • Rico, M.; Pandit, N.; Puig, F. (2021):

    SME Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Survival: An Examination of Retrenchment Strategies Small Business Economics 57 (1), 111–126

  • Puig, F.; Madhok, A.; Shen, Z. (2020):

    Investigating firm heterogeneity in country-of-origin cluster location decision-making. Multinational Business Review 28 (2), 221-244

  • Puig, F (2019) (Coord.):

    Emprender desde la experiencia: aprender de la diversidad latinoamericana : manual de casos prácticos. Editorial Promolibro, ISBN: 9788479867607.

  • Puig, F.; Urzelai, B. (2019) (Eds.):

    Economic Clusters and Globalization: Diversity and Resilience. Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group). ISBN: 978-0-367-00017-2

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Other Academic Activities

A. Selected research projects (Main Researcher)

  • (2016-2017) “Internationalization of industrial clusters: social networks and marketing” (Internacionalización de Clústers industriales: redes sociales y marketing). UV. INV-AE-48900.
  • (2020-2021) “Manufacturing Sectors, Clustering and International Competitiveness of Firms” (Sectores Manufactureros, Clustering y Competitividad Internacional de las Empresas). UV-INV-AE-1206484.
  • (2019) “Innovation, Training and Territory. Sectorial Plans of Innovation” (Innovación, Formación y Territorio. Planes de Investigación Sectorial). Financiadora: Vicerrectorado de Investigación y LABORA.
  • (2020) “Proposal to study and access new markets by textile companies” (Propuesta para estudiar y acceder a nuevos mercados por las empresas textiles). Financiadora: Conselleria de Industria a través de ATEVAL.

B. Visits to other institutions

  • 2018-19 University West of England, Bristol (UK). Duration 02M.
  • 2012-13-14 King's College London (UK). Duration: 12M
  • 2008 Manchester Business School, Manchester (UK). Duration: 06M.
  • 2007 École des Hautes Études Commerciales, Montreal (Canada). Duration: 03M.
  • 2006 Universitat Jaume I, Castellón (Spain). Duration: 03M.

C. Invited seminars/presentations

  • Gdansk University of Technology (Poland); Nazarbayev University, Astana (Kazakhstan); Universitat Pompeu i Fabra, Barcelona (Spain); CUJAE, La Habana (Cuba); Universidad de San Juan (Puerto Rico); Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Bilbao (Spain); Universidad de Guayaquil (Ecuador); Universidad Piloto, Girardot (Colombia); Universidad del Tolima, Ibagué (Colombia); Uppsala University (Sweden); Universidad Pablo Olavide, Sevilla (Spain); Universidad de Antioquía, Medellín (Colombia); Università degli Studi di Sassari (Italy); Florida Universitaria, Catarroja (Spain); Manchester Business School (UK); Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana, Medellin (Colombia); Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain); Universitat Jaume I de Castellón (Spain); Instituto Politécnico "Jaime Isaza Calavid", Medellín (Colombia); Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano de Medellín (Colombia); Instituto Tecnológico de San José (Costa Rica); Universidad Central de Santiago de Chile (Chile); Universidad de Guanajuato (México); Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata (Argentina).

D. Memberships and affiliations

  • Member of ACEDE (Asociación Científica de Economía y Dirección de Empresas) · Launch website
  • Member of the European International Business Academy (EIBA) · Launch website
  • Partner of the Red Universitaria Iberoamericana MOTIVA · Launch website
  • Member of EURAM (European Academy of Management) · Launch website
  • Partner of CAS-Soneja (Club de Atletismo y Senderismo Soneja) · Launch website
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My favorite hobby and philosophy

Work in progress

  • 4th CLUSTERING International Conference 2019 | Click here
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"Life is not what one has lived, but rather what one remembers, and how one remembers it to recount it"

(Gabriel Garcia Marquez).

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