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Do you want to be an 'Entreiguals' mentor?

Do you want to be an 'Entreiguals' mentor?

From 8 to 21 February 2021 you can register to become a mentor in Entreiguals, the mentoring programme for students at the University of Valencia. The aim of the programme, which is coordinated by the Servei d'Informació i Dinamització (Sedi), is to facilitate the incorporation of new students and accompany the integration of incoming students.

Participating in the programme as a mentor involves training in mentoring, in the resources and services of the University of Valencia, in communication skills in the helping relationship and in the specificities of each centre. Afterwards, in coordination with the centre's tutor teaching staff, the planned actions are developed to promote the academic, personal and social integration of the new students assigned as mentors. The personal experience, shared on a peer-to-peer basis, is very useful for all the students involved. In addition, being an Entreiguals mentor is recognised with 3 ECTS credits for participation, which will be incorporated in the last year of the degree course.


Date From 8 february 2021 to 21 february 2021. 24h. Every day.


Lloc Universitat de València

Organized by

Servei d'Informació i Dinamització dels Estudiants - Sedi.



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