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COVID-19 study day, Rights and Responsibilities

The University of Valencia, through the Vice-Principal's Office for Territorial Projection and Society, the Agencia Valenciana Antifraude (Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency), the City Council of Llíria and the Faculty of Law join forces to organise this conference, entitled "Covid-29, derechos y responsabilidades" (Covid-19, rights and responsibilities). The relationship between the basic rights of the democratic system, the health security of the population and the responsibilities of public authorities and citizens in the pandemic situation due to Covid-19 will be the focus of this day of debate.

The speeches will focus on issues such as the holding of elections during the pandemic, the right to decide on vaccination, disobedience to the rules, new forms of cybercrime linked to Covid-19, and the actions of the public authorities in managing the health crisis.

The academic and social discussion of these issues is essential to improve the techniques for preventing and combating corruption and fraud in the management of public affairs, and they are also basic debates for strengthening civic education and public ethics in Valencian society.

  • The event will be held in person, but can also be followed via the following link:
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Date 6 may 2021 at 09:00 to 14:15. Thursday.


Lloc Espacio Turismo llíria C/San Vicente, 19, Llíria

Organized by

Vice-Principal's Office for Territorial Projection and Society, in collaboration with Agencia Valenciana Antifraude (Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency), Llíria Town Council, and the Faculty of Law..



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