Societat de Filosofia del País Valencià

The " Societat de Filosofia del País Valencià " (The Philosophical Society of The Valencian Country) started its activities at the beginning of the 80's in the last century. Its primary aim is to promote philosophy and its didactics. The Society gathers the efforts of the three philosophy departments (Philosophy, Logic and Philosophy of Science, and Metaphysics and Theory of Knowledge) and the Departmental Section of Moral Philosophy and Political Philosophy at the University of Valencia, as well as of several colleagues at the University " Jaume I " of Castelló and the University of Alacant. A good number of the Society's members are Philosophy teachers at Secondary Schools.

The Society's activities include publication of the philosophical journal " Quaderns de Filosofia i Ciència ", as well as the Proceedings of the biennial Conferences it organizes on a regular basis. The Society has currently about 250 members.

XXIII Congrés Valencià de Filosofia

MUVIM and Biblioteca Pública de València, April 2-4th, 2020
Call for Papers