13/06/11. The Global Change Unit performed successfully a field campaign within the context of EODIX project, in Barrax (Albacete).

    08/11/11. SEN4LST, ESA project which GCU is the principal manager, has been approved. The overall objectives of the study therefore are twofold reflected in two different study phases: the development of an improved LST retrieval concept for the Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 missions, including its validation with a detailed analysis of the spectral, spatial and temporal synergistic aspects provided by the Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 mission, and the adaptation and BEAM implementation of the algorithm to Envisat MERIS and AATSR data followed by a detailed assessment based on multi-temporal LST analysis and comparison with the standard AATSR LST product. More info here.

    07/06/11. The Global Change Unit will impart the 10th edition of the "Environmental Remote Sensing Course" in the XXVII Teruel University Summer School from 25 to July 28. More info here.

    28/01/11.Interview with Jose Antonio Sobrino, about ESA project "Urban Heat Islands" in radio program "Muevete por el cambio" on "Onda Local de Andalucía".

    29/11/10. Physics Professor at the University of Valencia and director of the Climate Change Unit (UCG), José Antonio Sobrino, has been awarded the second annual award of "Carta de Poblament de Torrent", in the category of Science, Technology and Environment . View PDF

    04/09/09. The Global Change Unit performed successfully the THERMOPOLIS campaign, carried out in Athens city and sponsored by the European Space Agency.

    07/09/08. The Global Change Unit performed successfully the DESIREX 2008 campaign, carried out in Madrid city and sponsored by the European Space Agency.

    04/30/08. The Global Change Unit will take part in the CEOP-AEGIS international project which will study the meteorology and hidrology of the Tibet plateau.

    04/18/08.Inscription for XXIV edition of University of Teruel Summer School 2008.

    02/25/08. PhD. José A. Sobrino will realize a symposium about "Remote Sensing and Climate Change" in the Arts and Science City of Valencia.

    02/21/08. It has been published the last number of Journal of Spanish Remote Sensing, in where PhD. José Sobrino is the Editor and PhD. Juan Carlos Jiménez-Muñoz is the secretary, both are members of GCU.