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Ministry Project:  PID2019-107061GB-C065

Funding Body: MINECO

Main Researcher: Andrés Moya Bedón.



The project PI is part of the scientific team of the future ESA space mission Plato2.0. He leads the WP128.300 and the design of the MSAP1 module, part of the mission main software. The goal of these works is the automate preparation of the light curves Plato2.0 will obtain for asteroseismic and activity/rotation analysis.

Plato2.0 is planned as the final space mission for discovering exoplanets using ultraprecise photometric time series. The main goal of the mission is to provide exoplanetary masses, radii, orbital periods, and ages of any discovered exoplanet. For doing so it is needed:

  1. To study in detail the internal estructure of the hosting star.
  2. To automate these studies since it is expected the observation of hundreds of thousands of stars, making the dedicated analysis impossible.

In this effort, the automate preparation of the observed light curves for asteroseismic and activity/ rotation analysis is a critical step. The goal of this project is the final design of this module.