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  • Universitat de València
María Emilia Adán García
Mª Vicenta Mestre Escrivà
General Secretary
Mª Elena Olmos Ortega
General Manager
Juan Vicente Climent Espí
Members appointed by the Governing Council
PDI (Teaching and Research Staff)
Jesús Olavarria Iglesia
PAS (Administrative and Service Staff)
Carles Xavier López Benedí
Mercedes Elizalde Monteagudo
Members appointed for representing social interests.
Appointed by the Valencian Parliament
Xavier Alfonso Diego
Appointed by the competent Consultant concerning Universities
María Durá Rivas
M.José Félix Lavech
Appointed by the competent advisor relating to research, development and technological innovation
José Vicente Pons Andreu
Appointed by the City Council of Valencia
Neus Fábregas Santana
Appointed by the Provincial Council of Valencia
Appointed by Trade Unions
José Gil Castellano
Luis Arturo León López
Consol María Valls Gregori
Appointed by Business Organisations
Joaquín Cerveró Vilar
Leonor Saiz Amorós
Rafael Plá Mico
Appointed by the Official Chamber Council
Lourdes Soriano Cabanes
Appointed by Professional Associations
Juan Manuel Pérez Mira
Appointed by the President of the Board of Trustees
Dionisio Campos San Onofre
Vicente Boquera Amil


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