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The micro PET/CT laboratory offers the possibility of performing pre-clinical studies in small animals, such as mice, rats or rabbits. Specifically, it offers the possibility to:

  • Obtain _in vivo_ images of metabolic processes taking place in the interior of the animals. In general, FDG is used as a tracer but other tracers are also possible.
  • Obtain structural (anatomical) images of the interior of animals of size ranging form rabbits to hundreds of micrometers.
  • Obtain structural images of any piece, component or structure which size is similar to that of the previous case.
  • Obtain simultaneously both image modalities for easing the identification of metabolically active structures.

Moreover, the section has access to the raw data (before being processed by the image reconstruction software to obtain the image), which allows to offer other kind of services. Specifically, it allows:

  • Aiding in the developing of novel prototypes of medical image devices
  • Combining the information obtained with other medical image devices with that of the scanner for improving the final image. It even allows the simultaneous data acquisition. Combination with inserts, magnifying glasses, combination with solid state detectors, etc...
  • Allowing to study the performance of novel image reconstruction algorithms that may be proposed by using data acquired in a commercial and fully functional system.
  • Allowing to study the performance of novel algorithms of signal correction that may be proposed by using data acquired in a commercial and fully functional system.

The offer of the section is completed with the possibility of offering support to the researchers in any of the previous studies. It may be through the treatment and interpretation of the images or with the processing and re-formatting of the raw data for its use.

In general, the section is not limited to the above-mentioned studied, it is open to study any other possible application that the user may foresee.


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