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  • Seed vs. microsite limitation for seedling emergence in the perennial grass Stipa tenacissima L. (Poaceae)

    García-Fayos, P.; Gasque, M.

    (2006). Article

    Acta Oecologia-International Journal of Ecology.

    30 (2): 276 - 282.

  • Hydrological properties of a Mediterranean soil burned with different fire intensities

    Gonzalez, O.; Andreu, V.; Campo, J.; Gimeno-García, E.; Rubio, J. L.

    (2006). Article


    68(2): 186-193

  • Application of a GIS-AF/RF model to assess the risk of herbicide leaching in a citrus-growing area of the Valencia Community, Spain

    De Paz, J. M.; Rubio, J. L.

    (2006). Article

    Science of the Total Environment.

    371(1-3): 44-54

  • The occurrence of soil erosion after repeated experimental fires in a Mediterranean environment

    Campo, J.; Andreu, V.; Gimeno-García, E.; Gonzalez, O.; Rubio, J. L.

    (2006). Article


    82(3-4): 376-387

  • Soil erosion across Europe: Research approaches and perspectives

    Helming, K.; Rubio, J. L.; Boardman, J. (Guest Eds.)

    (2006). Article


    68 (2-3): 71-72

  • Physiological and transplanting performance of Quercus ilex L. (holm oak) seedlings growth in nurseries with different winter conditions

    Mollá, S.; Villar, P.; García-Fayos, P.; Peñuelas, J. L.

    (2006). Article

    Forest Ecology and Management. Num.237

    Pp.: 218 - 226.

  • Runoff and soil loss under individual plants of a semi-arid Mediterranean shrubland: influence of plant morphology and rainfall intensity

    Bochet, E.; Poesen, J.; Rubio J. L.

    (2006). Article

    Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.

    31(5): 536-549

  • When, how and how much: Gender-specific resource-use strategies in the diocious tree Juniperus thurifera

    Montesinos, D.; De Luis, M.; Verdú, M.; Raventos, J.; García-Fayos, P.

    (2006). Article

    Annals of Botany.

    98 (4): 885 - 889.

  • Impact of forest fires on hydrological properties of a typical Mediterranean forest soil

    González, O.; Andreu, V.; Gimeno-García, E.; Rubio, J. L.

    (2006). Article

    Desertification in the Mediterranean region: a security issue.

    Kepner W.G. et al. (Eds). Springer. Dordrecht. Pp. 489-507.

  • Directory of European Organisations and Persons Working on Soil Protection

    Rubio, J. L.; Imeson, A. C.; Bielek, P.; Fullen, M.; Pascual, J. A.; Andreu, V.; Recatalá, L.; Añó, C. (Eds.)

    (2006). Llibre