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  • The evolution of gender specialization from dimorphic hermaphroditism: Paths from heterodichogamy to gynodioecy and androdioecy

    Pannell, J. R.; Verdú, M.

    (2006). Article


    60 (4): 660 - 673.

  • Conflicting selective forces underlying seed dispersal in the endangered plant Silene diclinis

    Montesinos, D.; García-Fayos, P.; Mateu, I.

    (2006). Article

    International Journal of Plant Sciences.

    167 (1): 103 - 110.

  • Estrategia Mediterránea de Desarrollo Sostenible

    Rubio, J. L.; Garcia-Novo, F.; Baldasano, J. M.; Martin Mateo, R.

    (2006). Article

    Comisión de Medio Ambiente del Alto Consejo Consultivo de la Presidencia de la Generalitat Valenciana. Generalitat Valenciana. 213pp

  • Desertification in the Mediterranean Region. A Security Issue

    Kepner, W. G.; Rubio, J. L.; Mouat, D. A.; Pedrazzini, F.

    (2006). Llibre

    NATO Security through Science Series-C. Environmental Security.

    Springer. 614 pp.

  • Inferring differential evolutionary processes of plant persistence traits in Northern Hemisphere Mediterranean fire-prone ecosystems

    Pausas, J. G.; Keeley, J. E.; Verdú, M.

    (2006). Article

    Journal of Ecology.

    94 (1): 31 - 39.

  • Is seed availability enough to ensure colonization success? An experimental study in road embankments

    Tormo, J.; Bochet, E.; García-Fayos, P.

    (2006). Article

    Ecological Engineering.

    26 (3): 224 - 230.

  • Una planta prepirenaica críticamente amenazada, genética y conservación de Borderea chouardii

    Segarra-Moragues, J. G.; Catalán, P.

    (2006). Article

    Quercus. Num.249

    Pp.: 30 - 34.

  • Modern quaternary plant lineages promote diversity through facilitation of ancient tertiary lineages

    Valiente-Banuet, A.; Rumebe, A. V.; Verdú, M.; Callaway, R. M.

    (2006). Article

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

    103 (45): 16812 - 16817.

  • Tempo, mode and phylogenetic associations of relative embryo size evolution in angiosperms

    Verdú, M.

    (2006). Article

    Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

    19 (2): 625 - 634.

  • Adaptive evolution of reproductive and vegetative traits driven by breedings systems

    Verdú, M.; Gleiser, G.

    (2006). Article

    New Phytologist.

    169 (2): 409 - 417.