The Contracted R&D&I section of the Transfer and Innovation Service provides a personalised technical service to support the articulation, regulation and management of R&D collaborations with companies and entities, through the signing of agreements and/or contracts between the university and other entities for the performance of scientific and technical work under contract (regulated by contract under Article 60 of the LOSU).

Services offered:

  • Drafting and negotiating the legal content of the contract.
  • Consultancy in labour contracting procedures in charge of the accounting codes of the contracts or agreements.
  • Recommendation on the procedure to be followed for the formalisation of the contract.
  • Administrative management of the contract, support in financial management and budgeting.
  • Guidance on the best way to protect the University's interests in the formalisation of the contract (protection of prior knowledge, industrial and intellectual property rights).
  • Preparation of the documentation required to submit a proposal for a public tender on the basis of the Public Sector Contracts Act.
  • Monitoring of contracts and agreements: extensions, addenda, resolutions, incorporation of new members to the research team, etc.

In addition, with the aim of facilitating cooperation between the Universitat de València's Research Groups and the socio-economic environment, activities are carried out to:

  • Promote R&D collaboration between the Universitat de València and the public and private sector to favour proximity to the business world, foster collaborative R&D&I aimed at responding to the demands of the productive fabric and channelling these business needs towards the research groups and institutes.
  • Disseminate the Scientific and Technological Offer: technologies, knowledge and research results generated within the Universitat de València.
  • Support in the preparation of large projects: manage the relationship, communication, negotiation and monitoring of strategic actions and projects, as well as the management of mixed research structures (mixed units, consortiums, societies, platforms, etc.).
  • Promote the presence of researchers in cooperation forums, business meetings, platforms and consortiums and develop dissemination, training, communication and debate activities in relation to R&D&I activity.