Convenis Sicue



Coordinators of the respective universities are contacted at the initiative of either party to communicate interest in signing a new agreement. The number of places and the length of stay are then established for the degree programme.


At the University of Valencia written notice to the respective offices in charge of administrative procedures is carried out through the International Relations Service by sending an email to with the information agreed upon in step 1. These offices proceed to draw up the agreement which is then signed by relevant institutional officials.


If the University of Valencia draws up the agreement, two signed copies will be sent so that the other university can sign it and return one original copy of the agreement with both signatures. If the other university draws up the agreement, both copies are to be signed when it is received and one original with two signatures is to be returned to the collaborating university. As soon as the signed agreement is received by the other university, it will be registered in the database so that students in the degree programme may apply during the application period.


According to SICUE regulations published yearly, a deadline (approximately mid-December) is set for signing agreements although each university may establish their own, which is more restrictive and in line with their organisational purposes.
In accordance with the deadline established in the regulations, during the month of January updated agreements for the upcoming academic year are published on the CRUE website. No exchange may take place without publishing the signed agreement.


SICUE regulations from the last call view this academic year as a transitional period and we quote “Universities may propose exchanges between degree programmes belonging to the same area of university education, although similar to the 2010-2011 academic year, it is considered a transitional period and exchanges will be accepted between updated or phased out degrees and the new undergraduate programmes in the European Higher Education Area. Application may be accepted from students in degree programmes that have been phases out or going through this process. Acceptance may occur in the same bilateral agreement as the studies that are being phased out to introduce the undergraduate programmes provided that the coordinators see the viability of the academic agreement and adjust the awards to the number of places and with the time frame set in the bilateral agreement. For the 2012-2013 academic year, agreements for degree programmes being phased out will be modified. Universities will notify the technical secretary for the SICUE programmes of bilateral agreements that no longer apply since they are degree programmes being phased out.”