1. I am SICUE. What is that?

SICUE stands for Sistema de Intercambio entre Centros Universitarios Españoles (Student Exchange Programme between Spanish Universities). It is regulated by the Conference of Spanish University Rectors known as CRUE.

2. I have been awarded a study place at the Universitat de València. What do I have to do?

You can contact the UV coordinator or faculty to get information on the academic offer available. You will have to reach an agreement with the coordinator of your home university and have your learning agreement signed by him / her. After this, you can send the learning agreement to the UV or bring it with you when you arrive in Valencia.

3. How can I contact my UV coordinator to get information about academic issues?

You can find his / her e-mail address at:

4. What steps do I have to take during my exchange period at the UV?

Please check the following link:

5.  How do I get my transcript of records?

Your transcript of records is issued by the “secretaría” (Secretary’s Office) of your UV faculty and sent directly to your home university.

6. Is there any fiancial aid?

There is not any financial aid to our knowledge. We suggest you to do your own research and ask about it at your local and regional governments.

7. What do I have to do upon my arrival?

Please go to our general information page to get the releant facts you need to know.