Common problems

  • It does not let me choose a group in a subject

    • You are choosing subjects from different groups

    Solution. - You can not enroll in different groups in the same course. You are required to select one group per course

    • There are no places available for a subject

    Solution. - Contact your Center

  • It ​​does not allow me to enroll in the subjects I need

    • A.-Is it an optional or compulsory subject?

    Solution. - You must take into account that the tab of the optional subjects is different from the compulsory ones. .

    • B.- If it is a compulsory subject.

    Solution. - You must enroll first of the pending subjects of previous courses. 

    • C.- It may be that there are no available places in that subject.

    Solution. - Contact the center

    • D.- You have not approved 36 or more credits in the last two years.

    Solution. - The enrollment regulations only allow you to register 36 credits (Article 8 of the Registration Regulations). 

    You can present an instance in the Department of the Faculty addressed to the Dean, requesting that you exempt him from the penalty and authorize him to enroll for more credits. You must attach the supporting documentation of the alleged grounds.
    Enrollment regulations of the University of Valencia for Bachelor's and Master's degrees. ACGUV 107/2017.

  • I do not accept the bank account

    • I can not change the bank details.

    Solution. - You must mark "card or cash" to continue with the registration and then you must go to your center to provide the necessary documentation.

  • I can not access the registration application

    • If you have problems with the browser

    Solución: You should use another one, preferably we recommend Mozilla with the pop-ups enabled.

    • If you do not have a registration appointment

    Solution.- Contact the center

    • If you have a lack of payment in this Faculty or other

    Solution.- You should go through the secretariat on September 5 to register and you will receive a receipt for the total amount of the registration fee.

    • If you do not remember the password

    Solution.- You should go through the Department of the Faculty with your DNI and where you will be assigned a new one.

    • If you have not approved the minimum number of credits for the first yea

    You must pass a minimum of 12 credits in the first year. In the double Degree Sociology-Political Science, 48 credits. You will be penalized for two years to enroll in the same degree.

    Solution. - You can present an application to the Dean of the Faculty, requesting that the penalty not be applied, stating the reasons and justifying them.


    >Regulation of Permanence of the students of the Universitat de València


  • I can not close the license plate

    See what message the application indicates. 

    • A.- See what message the application indicates. 


    Enrrollment regulations of  the University of Valencia for Bachelor's and Master's degrees. ACGUV 107/2017.

    • B.- Exhausted the 6 calls.

    Regulation of Permanence of the students of the Universitat de València.

    Solution.- Contact the Center

  • I cut the screen and I can not continue

    • If you have problems with the browser

    Solution. - You must change the browser. We recommend Mozilla with pop-ups enabled

  • I have an exemption or bonus from the registration fee, but I can not connect with the Ministry of Social Welfare, or the validation is negative.

    Solution.- To continue you must select "ordinary" exemption and then you must present the supporting documentation to the Secretary of the Faculty so that we can modify the type of exemption before issuing the receipts.

  • I want to register in part-time and it does not let me mark it

    Solution.- You should have requested it through the ENTREU from July 1 to 15.

    If you consider that you meet the requirements, enroll in the minimum credits provided for the total enrollment (36 credits and in the case of the double degree 48 credits) submit an instance in the Center's Secretariat with the supporting documentation.