Official announcements before 2015

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    Erasmus+ language test qualifications

    You can already check the list of qualificacions regarding Erasmus+ language tests taken on december 20th



    Convenis marc aprovats en Consell de Govern de 22 de desembre de 2014.

    Llistat de convenis marc de col·laboració aprovats en el Consell de Govern del 22 de desembre de 2014 i els seus representants en la Universitat de Valencia.

  • Ajuntament de València


    Univex Check list of beneficiaries

    The Valencia City Hall publishes the final list of beneficiaries for the Univex Check for the current A/Y 14-15

  • Visita Mainz


    The University of Valencia visits the Johannes Gutenberg Universität de Mainz, Germany

    A delegation formed by the Vice-Rector and our Office for Internationalization and Cooperation, visited last week the University of Mainz both for coordinating the special grants’ program held between both universities and for deepen in their teaching and researching relations. This university is one of the most elder partner our university has, moreover the city of Maiz is related with the city of Valencia. In this visit, the mentioned delegation contacted to their counterpart in the University of Mainz. Within the Erasmus+ program, collaboration in international educational projects between both universities it is expected.

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    Lists of students enrolled for the Erasmus language tests

    The lists of students enrolled for the Erasmus Studies language test in English, French, German and Italian have been published.

    Check your name to be sure you can take the tests at our section:

    Erasmus Studies Programme=>Outgoing=>Language Requirements


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    Lists of students that have accredited language knowleges for the Erasmus Studies Call

    You can already check the lists of language certificates submitted to the Erasmus Studies Call. If the student's name is not listed in the corresponding language that means that the certificate wasn't found to be valid.

    Visit Erasmus Studies Programme=Outgoing=>Language Requirements.