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Knowledge area: PROCEDURAL LAW
Department: Administrative and Procedural Law
Universitat de València Facultad de Derecho Avda. de los Naranjos s/n Valencia-46022 España
(9638) 28704

Javier Jiménez is a Professor of Procedural Law at the University of Valencia (Spain). Further to completing undergraduate studies at University of Valencia, in 1998 he obtained his PhD and was subsequently awarded the Outstanding Doctorate Award in 2000. Javier has been granted a number of scholarships, including from the Austrian Ministry of Education to study at the University of Vienna (Austria) and has enjoyed other research visits to the Universities of Milan (Italy) and Mainz (Germany).

He is the author of the book El recurso de casación para la unificación de doctrina en el proceso laboral (1999) [Appeal for unification of doctrine in the labor process (1999)] and has participated in some fifteen other publications from which the we highlight the following: Hacia una justicia internacional (2000) [Towards International Justice (2000)]; Tutela de los consumidores y usuarios en la Ley de Enjuiciamiento Civil [Protection of consumers and users in the Code of Civil Procedure] – published in 2002 and 2003; Diversidad Cultural: Conflicto y Derecho (2006) [Cultural Diversity: Conflict and Law (2006)]; Secuestro de menores en el ámbito familiar (2008) [Abduction of minors in the family (2008)]; El espacio europeo de libertad, seguridad y justicia (2009) [The European area of freedom, security and justice (2009)]; Estado de Derecho y derechos fundamentales en la lucha contra el terrorismo (2011) [Rule of law and fundamental rights in the fight against terrorism (2011)]; El sistema jurisdiccional de la Unión Europea (2013) [The judicial system of the European Union (2013)]; Competencia, reconocimiento y ejecución de resoluciones extranjeras en la Unión Europea (2016) [Jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of  judgments in other Member States (2016)]. In addition, he has published twenty articles in International and Spanish legal journals on topics related to the labor, civil and criminal proceedings. Javier has also delivered multiple conferences and participated in panel discussions on the International Criminal Tribunal, laws protecting consumers, international judicial protection of human rights and law on criminal proceedings against minors, amongst others. Javier has also contributed to ten interdisciplinary research projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Department of Culture, Education and Science of the Government of Valencia, and the European Union, addressing various issues ranging from Protection of Industrial Design, ADRs (Alternative Dispute Resolutions) and more recently, Judicial Cooperation and the Principle of Mutual Recognition within the framework of the European Union. In addition, he has supervised doctoral theses, research projects and master dissertations besides sitting at the selection board of examiners to the Judicial System related competitions.

In his teaching practice, further to teaching the subjects of his field of specialization, both at undergraduate and graduate level, he has also taught masters courses on “Derecho, Empresa y Justicia”  ["Law, Justice and Company"], “Estudios Internacionales y de la UE” ["International and EU Studies "], “Derecho y violencia de género” ["Law and gender-based violence"] and “Abogacía” ["Advocacy"]. Since 2012, he is developing an innovative education project in collaboration with ICAV (Law Society of Valencia) together with various judges, consisting on learning through the case study methodology and developing simulated court proceedings (moot court). These methodologies have already been implemented in the “Professional Practice I” course of the Masters in Advocacy. It is also important to highlight his teaching of law research methodology in a number of doctoral courses along with his participation in the programs of the Nau Gran and Unisocietat. In 2016, Javier was awarded the Teaching Excellence Prize awarded by University-Business Foundation ADEIT and the Department of Education of the Government of Valencia (Spain).

Javier has been a member of the University of Valencia Senate, as well as a number of Academic Commissions and also has held a number of academic positions, such as Secretary and subsequently Head of the Administrative and Procedural Law Department. Since 2000, he is an elected member of the Law School Board.

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