foto Rosa Aparicio Gonzalez
PDI-Associat/Da Universitari/A
Knowledge area: ACCOUNTANCY (specific)
Department: Accountancy

I am an Assistant Professor in the Accounting Department of the Faculty of Economics at the Universitat de València. I hold a degree in Business Administration and Management from the same university. Additionally, I have completed the Pedagogical Adaptation Course (CAP), which is equivalent to the current Master's Degree in Secondary Education Teaching at the University of Valencia.

I furthered my university education by obtaining a Master's Degree in Accounting, Auditing, and Management Control, with a specialization in Auditing, from the University of Valencia.

In the professional realm, I possess extensive knowledge and experience as an expert accountant and accounts analyst, having fulfilled these roles in both small and medium-sized companies across various sectors, as well as in cooperatives.

Within the teaching domain, I teach Accounting and Financial Statements Analysis in the Business Administration and Management and Economics programs.

Additionally, I teach accounting in the Master's Degree in Social Economy (Cooperatives and Non-Profit Organizations) at the University of Valencia. Concurrently, I actively participate in educational innovation activities through various projects awarded by the Servei de Formació Permanent i Innovació Educativa (SFPIE) of the University of Valencia. These projects aim to progressively incorporate sustainability into the academic guides of the subjects I teach.


Subjects taught and teaching methods
First semester
Thursday de 17:30 a 20:30. FACULTAT D'ECONOMIA 4D10
Second semester
Monday de 16:30 a 19:30. FACULTAT D'ECONOMIA 4D10
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