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As a more reflection of the Society of the Information and Communication, the University of Valencia has assumed the new period, with the idea of integrating the audiovisual formats in the fields of research, teaching and scientific dissemination. In 1991 the Audiovisual University Production Centre was created, which aim was to give service to the production of teaching videos about some of the research university lines. Subsequently, with the introduction of licenciaturas of Audiovisual Communication and Journalism, the Audiovisual Production Centre became the Audiovisual Workshop: a university service with more competences and trained to respond to new teaching needs which the rising licenciaturas in the field of communication considered.

Nowadays, the Audiovisual Workshop has been consolidated as an audiovisual centre with an extensive line-up activities, such as the training and teaching practices, the general audiovisual services, the carrying out and dissemination of university audiovisual contents, the management and digitalization of the audiovisual archive of our university, the management of the mediauni multichannel website or the production of scientific dissemination documentaries through research projects through agreements with entities or institutions.