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Josep Montesinos Martínez

Welcome to the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Valencia (UV). Our Faculty provides tuition leading to the award of Undergraduate Degrees in Geography, History, History of Art, and Information and Documentation and to the award of Master’s Degrees and Doctorates in our various fields of knowledge.

The Faculty is a place where teaching, research, and the transfer and dissemination of knowledge converge. In our various areas of knowledge, our students are taught the skills and abilities they need to conduct research and gain access to numerous professional fields.

Our Faculty is also the place where students, professors, researchers in training, and administration and services staff – an entire community at the service of comprehensive training – conduct their professional and academic activities.

Both the Faculty as a whole and its individual areas of expertise disseminate their knowledge via books and journals, some of which are published by the UV itself. We also publish Saitabi, a journal that aims to project the image of our Faculty and inform the wider scientific and academic world of our scientific innovations.

In addition to regular tuition, we organize a wide range of attractive academic, educational and cultural events – including congresses, workshops, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions, theatre, music and cinema – for both the university community and Valencian society as a whole.

One of our University’s key features is participation. Through our Faculty Board, which is made up of professors, students, and administrative and service staff, we are involved in numerous bodies, including committees, departmental councils and student assemblies. The UV is a democratic University which allows all voices to be heard, thus enriching the whole community with a multitude of views and opinions that help to foster continuous improvement, the broadening of horizons, and mutual learning.

At a time of great complexity characterized by tumultuous historical moments, our University exemplifies freedom, service to society, and the search for alternatives. The University must remain a focus for dialogue, freedom, service, education and research. Our Faculty is working to become a benchmark in our areas of knowledge as well as in society as a whole. The route we are taking also encompasses social inclusion, the gender perspective, and other elements of equality, justice and social progress.

For a Universal, Valencian Public University of Quality.

Signed: Josep Montesinos i Martinez