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Incorporating credits for representation

Procedures for incorporating ECTS credits in the academic report for taking part in student representation bodies.

In accordance with the Royal Decree 1393/2007, modified by the RD 861/2010, and the Academic recognition regulations to participate in cultural, sports, student representation, volunteer and cooperation activities, approved by the Governing Council of the University of Valencia in 29 November 2010 (ACGUV 215/2010), it is established the procedure to incorporate student representation activities in the academic report

According to the article 8 of the academic recognition regulations “Recognition of 1.5 ECTS credits by year for student representation can be obtained in all the bodies with student representation expected in the statutes of the University of Valencia, and all the others that are approved in the Governing Council. The credits for simultaneous participation in more than one representation body may be accumulative, with a maximum of 3 ETCS credits by year”.
1. – Apply for a certificate of participation
In order to request the incorporation of credits for taking part in student representation bodies, the student must hand out in the registry of the centre where he/she studies:
- Application according to the regulated model and aimed for the Student Delegation (Application form)
- Certificate of the office of the secretary of the corresponding body that authorises the participation in work sessions and attendance to 80% of the sessions or meetings called formally by the body along an academic year.

This request can be applied along all the year and will be resolved within 20 days.

The tasks carried out in representation bodies established in the Statutes of the University will be certified, as well as student representation in the Senate, Faculty or School Board, Department Board, representation as delegate of the group and participation in the statutory committees.

2. - Certification of the participation
Once the documents provided and the participation are checked in the training course for student representation organized by the Student Delegation through the approval of certificates that acknowledges participation credits will be send to the address of the applicant.

3. – Incorporation to the report
With the certification issued by the Student Delegation, the student will need to request in the office of the secretary of the centre where he/she studies, the incorporation to his/her report the credits obtained for taking part in university activities of student representation bodies provided in the Statutes of the University of Valencia, and those others that the Governing Council approves.
The student may request the recognition of a máximum of 6 ECTS credits which this regulation refers to, jointly, and in the year when the student enrols of all the credits that has left to complete his/her studies..

4.- Incorporation fee
Credit incorporation in the report, as foreseen by the law of fees of the Valencian Government. “Equally, 25% of the tuition fee corresponding to free elective credits or university activities will be paid, considered in the article 12.8 of the Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, by which the regulation of the official university studies is established, when the university, by request of the student, proceeds to its recognition as credits of this nature. The remaining fees will be paid in full.” (Article 143.2 of the Legislative Decree 1/2005, of 25 February, by the Consell de la Generalitat)
Therefore, 25% of the credit price will be paid, according to each degree for incorporating participation in university activity ETCS credits.